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Changing the Paradigm for Energy Finance and Technology for Women — UN HLFP

Timely access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy services unlocks new opportunities that improve livelihoods, enables businesses to grow, helps generate jobs and creates new markets. It can empower women, impact health, extend educational opportunities, and free up time for more productive activities. With smart development, it can help build the resilience of economies…

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Frontier Markets wins the Hogan Lovells Community Solar Innovation Awards 2017

The winners of the Hogan Lovells Community Solar Innovation Awards 2017 were revealed during the 2018 SEED South Africa Symposium in Pretoria. The Community Solar Innovation Awards recognize outstanding eco-inclusive businesses and not-for-profit organizations in developing countries that use solar energy or technology to benefit lives in poor communities. The Awards are sponsored and supported…

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Lighting up Rural India with Solar

When New York-born and bred Ajaita Shah graduated from college, she wanted to bridge the gap in diplomacy between India, where her roots lay, and the United States. “I soon realised that I didn’t know much about India’s core. I realised that in order to understand India and help her grow, it was important to…

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