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BBC: Indian women lighting the way for change

In India’s desert state of Rajasthan, rural women are becoming the surprise agents of change, convincing coal-reliant communities to switch to solar. They are called “Solar Sahelis” or “solar friends”, and their job is to convince their neighbors to invest in solar-powered solutions. But it’s not easy. For decades, rural India has been flooded with…

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“We must place women at the centre of energy access to achieve deeper, wider impact” – Ajaita Shah at COP23

BONN, Germany – If we’re serious about ending energy poverty for the world’s most marginalized populations, more women need to be involved. Lots of them. Throughout the energy value chain. And they need financial support, too. That’s was the genesis for ground-breaking launch of the People-Centered Accelerator, a global initiative that aims to advance gender…

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