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Frontier of Green Development

It is now widely accepted that green growth is the need of the hour. Various sources of alternative energy—those not based on fossil fuels—are being explored around the world, including in India. One renewable power source that is available in abundance in the country is the Sun. Solar energy has the potential to not only…

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How solar energy is helping this entrepreneur power rural India

In rural villages in India far from electric grids, life gets harder when the sun goes down. Children study by the light of smoky kerosene lamps, which might tip over and cause a blaze. Even if a woman is fortunate enough to own a sewing machine to support her family, she must stop work without…

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Frontier Markets named Grand Champion at GES2017

Ajaita Shah from India has been named the 2017 Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Catalyst pitch competition Grand Champion during the closing plenary of the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Her startup, Frontier Markets, is a last mile distribution solution for energy products with a focus on solar technology that empowers women. Frontier Markets…

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