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Frontier Markets’ Ajaita Shah recently gave an interview to AsiaBiz Today. Our founder spoke of her journey: from her upbringing in New York, to her years of experience in microfinance in India, to becoming the successful Entrepreneur she is today. She shared her vision for Frontier Markets, what makes her proud, challenges that the Entreprise faced with brio, and milestones ahead. She even has a piece of advice for aspiring Entrepreneurs !


Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

What inspires you the most ? Why.
I’m inspired by using the tools of business to solve a problem in the world, which for Frontier Markets, its creating affordable access to energy. Early on the U.S. government sent me to learn the Indian perspective on political issues. I began to dive in deeply into this culture. I wanted to understand the people enough to develop solutions that would work for them. In the end, these people inspire me.

Our success means millions of last mile families will have an improved quality of life. Work will be more productive. Children will be better educated. And most importantly homes will be safe from the dangers of kerosene, fire and smoke.

What was the idea behind setting up Frontier Markets? Tell us more.
We believe that every household has a right to reliable, affordable, and high quality electricity. Our mission and business objective is to close the missing gap from mainstream Indian initiatives. Frontier Markets’ mission creates economic opportunity for our team of women sales agents and our investors alike by providing energy efficient solar products for rural India.

Initially, I did not understand what being a social entrepreneur was going to entail – I was merely focused on writing a business plan and then testing a pilot, and determining whether I was correct in my assumptions. I was lucky to have early mentors ready to help in the process and help me understand that in order to make FM work, I will need to invest my own money into the idea. Now, Frontier Markets is my baby, my story, my future.


Read the full interview here.

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