Partnering with Government and Corporates for scaled impact and opportunity.

Frontier Market’s CSR philosophy is centred around weaving sustainable solutions for partner organisations that resonate with its CSR philosophy and objectives. We co-create solutions after we understand the need of our CSR partner organisations. Our CSR solutions address the following domains:

1. Livelihood Generation


2. Women Empowerment


3. Last Mile Energy Access


4. Education


5. Health & Safety



  1. Credible Partners — We are proud to have credible Product Partners, NGO Partners, Capacity Building Partners, etc.
  2. Quality Product Offering — Our CSR solutions are facilitated by our product offerings. Our products are built on the basis of the consumer insights we gather with our work in the field.
  3. Value Chain Creation — We work with local community members: Agri Entrepreneurs and SHG women to build a network of local, rural entrepreneurs
  4. Geography for Scale — We are currently working in alll of Rajasthan and some parts of Madhya Pradesh. We will be moving into Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal in the next 3 years.
  5. Sustainable Model — Our model is a market based solution. To create a sustainable model, we expect support for the Saheli for the 1st year, partial support in the 2nd year and by the 3rd year, she will be self-sufficient.
  6. Outcomes — Our unique outcomes include last mile access to clean energy, livelihood generation for entrepreneurs, women empowerment, education opportunities for children and health and safety for the village.



Frontier Markets would like to support more rural villages in India by implementing more smart villages through a combination of solar street lights and a solar community kiosk operated by an entrepreneur to engage households about clean energy, wifi, and educational services that will help empower rural villagers.

We believe this is a unique opportunity to further invest in villages and help households improve their access to lighting, power, appliances, services and more. We are aiming to provide facilities at common places which improve the community as a whole like street lights, lighted social areas (temples, community areas), and aiding in wireless network, thereby increasing outreach, especially for the youth. The beneficiaries are the village community, children women, households and the micro entrepreneur.

2. Children
Village Community
Photo - Enabling Brighter Future for Education in India
3. Women
4. Households
5. Micro Entrepreneur
Micro Entrepreneur


Photo - Enabling Brighter Future for Education in India

Frontier Markets aims to enhance the scope of education and provide a brighter future for children by collaborating with credible educational delivery partners. We aim to create a Pan-India campaign to enable students on their right to safe light, increase their study hours, improve their grades, response time in class and enhance the scope of the RTE act by providing tangible results.

Frontier Markets along with the partner will create a sustainable model through Product Subsidy and Capacity Building Support. Frontier Markets and our partners will follow a detailed approach to create a brighter future for the students.

Partner with us and make a change