Frontier Markets exists as a thriving, growing for-profit business with a deep commitment to social impact. Through our initiative based approach to business we combine business growth with environmental and economic impact in rural villages throughout India.

Solar Saheli

An entrepreneurial motivation, to make the life of rural households simpler and more fulfilling. The initiative aims to empower women by giving them the opportunity to be leaders, and earn extra income for their families. With the program “Solar Saheli” in Rajasthan, we have trained more than a 1000 women in Solar Value Chain and these Sahelis are successfully earning their living from this program. The trained Sahelis who ought to take the program up to the next level are provided with mobile phones, sewing machines and other household items much in demand to become our ambassadors. The Sahelis are the connecting people who play a vital role in delivering our products even in the most remote areas like Hamlets.

"I have created a vast difference in the scenario in which I was nurtured and how my children have grown. I wanted to create a difference in their lives and Frontier Markets has shown me that path. Now, at the age of 9, even my younger son can tell the benefits of solar lights in front of customers."


from Purapathol, Baseri, Dholpur

Smart Village

Frontier Markets would like to support more rural villages in India by implementing more smart villages through a combination of solar street lights, solar community kiosk, operated by an entrepreneur to engage households about clean energy, wifi, and educational services to help empower rural villagers. We believe this is a unique opportunity to further invest in villages and help households improve their access to lighting, power, appliances, services and more. We are aiming to provide facilities at common places which improve the community as a whole like street lights, lighted social areas (temples, community areas ), aiding in wireless network thereby increasing the outreach, especially for the youth.

“Since the Smart Village drive in our village, local businesses have benefitted a lot here. The street lights allow them to run their shops for long and even the women and children don’t fear to step out of their houses after dark. We are not bound by electricity now, the wi-fi enables us to connect with the world outside our physical reach. Solutions like water filter at common places permits safe water for our employees as well as visitors. We are proud of our smart village.”


from Smart village, Basai Nawab, Dholpur

Project Life

Enabling brighter future for Education in India Light for Education (LiFE) Frontier Markets aims to enhance the scope of education and provide a brighter future for children by collaborating with credible educational delivery partners. We aim to create a pan-India campaign to enable students on their right to safe light, increase their study hours, improve their grades, response time in class and enhance the scope of the RTE act by providing tangible results. Safe Light just like water, food, housing and education needs to be a basic human and fundamental right! Frontier Markets would like to create a world class, branded, national campaign to dramatically improve student productivity, by branding this campaign as “Light for Education (LiFE)”.

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