Our Mission

Our Mission is to create ‘Saral Jeevan’ or an ‘Easy Life’ for rural customers by providing them with access to products they both want and need with ease


Founded in 2011, the organisation, Frontier Markets is a last-mile distribution company with a mission is to create ‘Saral Jeevan’ or an ‘Easy Life’ for rural customers by providing them with access to quality clean energy solutions through our network of digitized rural entrepreneurs, with women at the center of the value chain. Frontier Markets’ founder & CEO, Ajaita Shah, has 12 years experience in microfinance and clean energy distribution. She has been a Clinton Service Corp, Echoing Green, and Cordes Fellow and has been awarded many accolades including Forbes, Business Week, CNBC, and Microfinance’s 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur and Women Entrepreneur of the Year. Ajaita grew up in an Indian community in New York City, studying international relations and working in various areas of government, research, and mediation. She moved to India after college to work in microfinance achieving grand outcomes in health care, energy, social performance management, and other sector innovations. She did not know that she wanted to be an entrepreneur, but, while working in India, she did start realizing she had entrepreneurial mindsets, skills, and mentalities.

Ajaita was always drawn to India because of her upbringing, and she felt that she could combine her experiences in college, work, and background to address challenges that would create large impact. India seemed to be a clear place where Ajaita saw the need for solar energy solutions. In India, she was able to leverage her Indian background, her ability to speak, read and write in Hindi, and learn to assimilate the local culture in multiple states of India. Her passion to make a difference, to understand people, to connect with their life, and try to understand ways to address challenges, gave birth to Frontier Markets. Today Frontier Markets has been able to drive efficiency in sales, data collection allowing it to build lifetime brand value for the customer, and drive new products and solutions leveraging its existing network of 5000 rural entrepreneurs.


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Frontier Markets’s team has a combined experience of 100 years in rural marketing, NGO development, microfinance, rural distribution, wholesale trade, engineering, and data analytics to make the value chain work.


Mehdi Rizvi

Head of Business Operations

18 years of experience working in telecom, FMCG, Distribution

Photo 3_Akhilesh Pandey

Akhilesh Pandey

Saheli Program


9. Rita Sharma

Rita Sharma

Saheli Program


Balvant Singh

Balvant Singh

Circle Business Manager


3. Sanjay Bharti

Sanjay Bharti

Head of Business

18 Years of Experience in SHG, Microfinance, Energy Access

7. Pallavi Sherring

Pallavi Sherring

Saheli Program


Anshu photo

Anshu Khandelwal

Finance & Accounts

Kritika Mudgal

Kritika Mudgal



Photo 5_Amrit Mohan

Amrit Mohan

Marketing & Consumer Insights

18 years of experience working in Marketing & Data

Manuj photo

Manuj Dev

Head of Data Center


10. Sushmita Ganguly

Sushmita Ganguly

Sales Coordinator

Joy photo

Joy Chakravorty

Strategy & CSO Partnership


8. Girija Kumawat

Girija Kumawat

Data & Insights


12. Raghul chitlangia

Raghul Chitlangia

Marketing Activation & Demand Generation

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